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What does a Maintenance budget include?

With ever increasing servicing and tyre costs, maintenance is now better value than ever. Run flat and low profile tyres can cost as much as £250 each- making a full service and set of tyres bill at more than £1000!  Combined with labour rates quite often exceeding £100 an hour, maintenance not only gives you the benefit of peace of mind and fixed cost motoring, but also a lower cost overall. Our finance companies negotiate discounted labour, parts and tyre prices which are passed on to you within our maintenance budgets.

It saves our customers money, gives them peace of mind and spreads the cost of motoring across the full term. If you have a maintained contract the only other costs to consider are insurance and fuel!

Maintenance on all our lease products will usually incorporate all routine servicing, tyres, brakes, clutch, exhausts, wiper blades and many other consumables and serviceable parts. It doesn't include body damage, stone chips to glass or punctures. The cost of maintenance varies depending on the finance company, vehicle and mileage that you will cover.

Remember- your vehicle WILL need servicing and tyres to keep it on the road- why not spread the cost and save money in the process?

Lease a Fiat 500 Hatchback 1.2 S 3 Door

Fiat 500 Hatchback 1.2 S 3 Door Leasing and Contract Hire from Skyfleet.
Great lease prices on the Fiat 500 Hatchback 1.2 S 3 Door. Available for business contract hire and personal contract hire. We can supply superb leasing rates across the whole Fiat 500 Hatchback range, browse our offers or call us for more information!

Business Leasing (exc VAT)
  • SPECIAL OFFER £ 121.29
    3 Year Lease, 9+35 rentals, 8000 miles per annum, customer maintained
  • 10,000 Miles Per Annum £ 178.12
    with Full Maintenance £ 197.90
  • 20,000 Miles Per Annum £ 190.22
    with Full Maintenance £ 233.57
  • 30,000 Miles Per Annum £ 202.91
    with Full Maintenance £ 274.61
Personal Leasing (inc VAT)
  • SPECIAL OFFER £ 145.99
    3 Year Lease, 9+35 rentals, 8000 miles per annum, customer maintained
  • 10,000 Miles Per Annum £ 217.31
    with Full Maintenance £ 241.44
  • 20,000 Miles Per Annum £ 232.07
    with Full Maintenance £ 284.96
  • 30,000 Miles Per Annum £ 247.55
    with Full Maintenance £ 335.02
CO2 Emissions110 g/km
P11D Value£13320.00
Miles Per Gallon60.10 (average)
Lease Profile
Indicative price for a 3 Year Lease, 3+35 rental profile. Other profiles available, please call or email for a full quotation.

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Fiat 500 Hatchback 1.2 S 3 Door

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