The Team

We know from our own experience, it's important to know who you're buying from, particularly for such an important acquisition like a car!  Here, you can read all about us.  Of course we'd love to speak to you, so call us on 01233 730260 and find out how we can save you money on your next car or van. We're not shy, so if you want to know more about us please call us or arrange an appointment to see us. We believe our transparency is a key differentiator to our competitors.


Paul Isaacs - Managing Director   

I started my career in the motor trade as a trainee mechanic, moving through the ranks of Partsman, Service Manager, Salesman, Sales Manager to General Manager, all within dealerships.

I started Skyfleet in 1996, in a tiny office above a Dry Cleaners in Tenterden High Street. We have built the business steadily over the past 22 years and now have a successful & thriving business, that continues to grow & flourish.
My hobbies include golf and old classic cars and I still like to get my hands dirty from time to time!
My ambition is to guarantee the future success of my business and my staff by being positive, proactive and always thinking one step ahead.

Responsibilities: Keeping the world revolving whilst not forgetting to take the rubbish out on Wednesdays 
Birth Date: 1970 
Drives: Morgan Aero 8, Lada 1200, Many Many others
Eats:  Lots - Love Steak and Stilton pie but must be a proper pie with pastry, not bowl with Pastry top 
Drinks: Beer/Cider
Sports teams: Tottenham 
Before Skyfleet:  Mazda 
Likes:  Golf - good company and relaxing with family in French France 
Listens to:  Muse or any of the Dermot O'Leary live lounge stuff - real music/talent 
Heroes:  Anyone who has succeeded in the face of adversity 
Describes self as: Typical Aries 
Most Famous Sayings: The cup is not half full or half empty - It is refillable ! 


Toby Mileham - General Manager

My background was originally in banking & finance, I started work here, initially on a consultancy basis, offering my services for a few days each week and it just grew from there. Leasing was in its relative infancy at the time, but growth was rapid & it was an exciting time to join the industry, so I never left. I basically look after all the stuff that appears to happen just by magic! My role covers many areas of the business from HR & Finance to Compliance and daily Operations. Away from this place, I have a few hobbies, I'm in a couple of bands, sing & play guitar (not great at either to be honest, but it's good fun and our audiences are often fairly well inebriated by the time we get going, so we get away with it). I also do a little running (more of a waddle these days) and enjoy cycling when the weather is good. The industry has changed beyond measure in the last 5 years, we are now fully regulated and face many fresh challenges every year, but it keeps the role interesting.

Responsibilities:  Pretty much everything that nobody else has listed!
Birth Date: Just about made it into the swinging 60’s
From: Essex originally, but Kent most of my life
Marital Status: Married with 3 almost grownup bambinos
Drives: Clio for running about, our family car is a Yeti and a little moped for my commute (fair weather only)
Eats: Crisps - I could live on crisps. Also Skittles and anything Cadburys!
Drinks: Flat White (not entirely sure what they are but I like em!)
Sports teams: I'm a lifelong "Gooner", also love rugby, particularly 6 nations and any sports team my children are involved with (which is many)
Before Skyfleet: Banking, numerous jobs in Finance
Likes: Live sports events, especially athletics, films, books and live music. Netflix is my current favourite thing, so much choice.
Listens to: Stuck in the 90's so it's Britpop most of the way, Oasis, Blur etc. I'm also quite partial to a good old show tune. 
Heroes: Tough one as there are many, but I think ordinary people doing extraordinary things, especially if it helps others
Describes self as: Middle aged man, no need to expand....
Most Famous Sayings: What is this garbage we're listening to?? (office Spotify play list of course).


Duncan Randall - Sales Manager   

I started my career in the motor trade, by serving a 4 year apprenticeship with the Royal Engineers, as a vehicle fitter. I later joined a Mazda dealership as a salesman, which is where I met Paul. He was putting Skyfleet together at the time and coaxed me away from Mazda to Skyfleet, which is where I have been ever since. 
As Sales Manager, it is my role to ensure that every single sales opportunity is maximised and that the sales executives always have the very best terms and deals to offer to their customers, which is a real challenge that I relish and enjoy.
My hobbies include football (coaching), fishing, writing, music.

Responsibilities:  Day to day organising of the sales team and liaising with dealers
Birth Date: 1974
From: Ashford (Kent)
Marital Status: Married 
Drives: Porsche 911
Eats: Pretty much anything - very sweet tooth
Drinks: A little!!!! - Curious Brew, Jack Daniels
Sports teams: Aston Villa, London Wasps,
Before Skyfleet: Apprenticeship with REME (Royal Engineers), Doorman, Publican
Likes: Fishing, Football (coaching), Rugby, Reading, Writing, Music and much more
Listens to: Foo Fighters, anything acoustic, still love Rap and Hip Hop - especially old school.
Heroes: My father and my son.
Describes self as: A really nice guy once you get to know me.
Most Famous Sayings: Happy days, tell it how it is


Bryan D’Souza - Account Manager

I joined Skyfleet in July 2007, having spent many year working in the print industry as a print co-ordinator and lithographic printer. Prior to print, I worked in London as a chef, hence my love of food. I applied for the sales job at Skyfleet because I felt I had all the necessary skills to be successful in a sales environment and I’m still here 12 years on.
Outside of work, my hobbies include gym, swimming, darts and a little snooker.
Responsibilities – As an account manager, to ensure that all my clients and prospective clients are looked after in a professional and friendly manner
Birth Date: 1966 - India. Hyderabad - Secunderabad – Anglo roots.
From: Tenterden (Kent) -
Marital Status: Divorced and still Happy!
Drives: Seat Leon
Eats: Loves food and different cuisines
Drinks: A little and rarely - but have been known to let my hair down on the odd occasion
Sports – Cricket, Darts, Snooker and Gym
Before Skyfleet: Diplomas in Printing and previous to that acquired my catering qualifications ( 706/1 706/2 and 706/3 ) working in London.
Likes: Different Cuisine's - cooking and eating! Loves keep fit in the gym as the martial art days are well and truly over
Listens to: Again variety is king!  I love country and the blues but then I am also in touch with the more up to date music thanks to my kids
Heroes - Love the teachings of Bruce Lee and Mohammad Ali – Their words are truly inspirational
Describes self as: One of life's good guys!
Most Famous Sayings: Adapt to what life offers you and the rest falls in place.


Mike Reoch - Account Manager

I joined Skyfleet back in 2005, having spent the 5 years prior to that, working  with another leasing broker in the area. Most of my working life has been involved in some form of finance, with the last 18 years being a combination of finance and vehicles.
Having been married for over half my life (and yes, it is with the same woman) and having 4 children, it does not leave much time for anything else. However, in the few quiet moments life offers me, I enjoy dabbling with a bit of DIY and any pursuits which involve the whole family. I enjoy camping and getting away from it all – a simple life and good food (and a good Scotch) will keep me happy!

Birth Date: 1965
Marital Status: Married 
Drives: Renault Kangoo
Eats: Almost Anything
Drinks: Single malt, quality not quantity
Before Skyfleet: Car leasing and finance, Banking
Likes: DIY, Family pursuits
Listens to: Varied - Classical to Punk and New Wave  


Donna Jones - Sales Administrator

Have had various jobs in the past, mainly sales orientated, but more recently in Print as a Project Manager.  I joined Skyfleet end of February 2014 after a bit of a sabatical as a Sales Adminstrator.  Still finding my feet but looks like I’ll be kept more than occupied.  Outside of Skyflleet, I like the cinema, food and drinking with family and friends.  Both my kids are currently at University, but we have a new puppy so that is helping ease the pain of the kids not being at home.  I am also a qualified nail technician, needless to say I spend a lot of spare time doing nails for friends and family.

Responsibilities:  Administration
Birth Date: 1968
From: Ashford
Marital Status: Married
Drives: Mini Cooper Hatchback
Eats:  Almost anything, not fussy at all.  Love spicy food.
Drinks:  Sauvignon Blanc
Sports teams: Arsenal
Before Skyfleet:  Project Manager STI Line Ltd
Likes: cooking, going to the cinema, country walks, handbags and shoes. 
Listens to: Stereophonics, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Ben Howard, London Grammar
Heroes: Positive people
Describes self as: young at heart
Most Famous Sayings: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!


Pablo Cayuela - Account Manager

I’m entering my 4th year at Skyfleet and still enjoying it! I have worked in Sales for many years in lots of different areas such as advertising, insurance, architecture and graphic design, nothing quite compares to the motor trade though! I love spending my spare time with my wife and two children and enjoying all of the fantastic sights the world has to offer with them. I love music and am currently the lead singer of our Church band in Ashford where I also help with running the kids club on Sundays. I enjoy the odd game of golf and table tennis on holiday but will play anything given the opportunity.

Birth date: 1981
From: Pluckley (Kent)
Marital Status: Married
Drives: Audi S3
Eats: Meat (ideally barbequed)
Drinks: Not a big drinker, odd glass of wine or a nice glass of cider or Pimms on a summers day or Whisky by the fire in winter
Sports Teams: Not really interested in watching, only playing!
Before Skyfleet: Sales, Business Development and Graphic Design
Likes: Family time, Church time and movie time.
Listens to: Citizens & Saints, Rivers & Robots, Kings Village, Dustin Kensrue, Gungor
Heroes: Jesus
Most Famous Sayings: By perseverance the snail reached the ark

Russell France - Account Manager

I started in April 2015. Having spent many years in dealerships it was time for a change and working at Skyfleet allows me to utilise my experience in a different environment. Most of my newly found free time (weekends off is still a novelty!) is spent with my dogs, working on our new house or travelling the country visiting family.

Birth date: 1979
From: Folkestone
Marital Status: As good as
Drives: Seat Exeo
Eats: I love food. Thai, Mexican, Italian, Indian, English, BBQ. You name it. I even dabble with vegetarian options from time to time.
Drinks: Green Tea…… and a little Beer, Rum, Jack Daniels, G&T……..
Before Skyfleet: Vauxhall then MINI Retail sales.
Likes: The usual things: Music, Travel, Cooking (and eating). 
Listens to: Anything Indie, Punk, Rock. 90s Britpop works but also lots of US and Scandinavian bands.
Heroes – Dave Grohl is a bit of a legend right!?!?!? The Dalai Lama speaks a lot of sense.
Describes self as: A secret Hippy
Most Famous Sayings: “the thing is"


Debbie Wilson- Account Manager

I joined Skyfleet as an Account Manager after many years in sales, most of which was spent in the recruitment industry. I love my role here and the team, who are really helpful and supportive. It’s a great place to work and cheesy as it sounds, I do enjoy coming to work every day!
Birth Date: A lady never reveals her age!
Lives: Ashford, Kent, originally from London.
Marital Status: Living with my partner of 17 years and our 14 year old Son
Eats: Most things, although dieting right now so not getting my chocolate fix
Drinks: Partial to the odd Bacardi or two
Before Skyfleet: Receptionist, Dispensing Optician, Insurance sales, Publican, Recruitment sales.
Likes: Horse riding, watching a good movie with my boys, eating out when we can.
Listens to: All music, apart from modern jazz...what's that all about?!
Heroes: My Mum and Dad
Describes self as: True to my star sign a typical Leo, fiercely loyal to my friends and family and I don't suffer fools gladly.
Famous Saying: You never fail until you stop trying!



Joe Woods – Account Manager

I joined Skyfleet after 5 years as an Estate Agent and it is exciting to finally be in the automotive industry.
I am fascinated with cars being a BMW and Mini man firstly.
Eternally frustrated England football supporter, West Ham fan and a lover of all things Ferrari.
Birth Date: 1996 
Drives: Mini Cooper Seven
Eats:  Curry, Pizza, Tapas,
Drinks:  Stella, Adnams Mosaic, Doom Bar
Sports teams: West Ham
Before Skyfleet: Estate Agent 
Likes: Football, Music, The Pub
Listens to: Oasis, The Verve, Blur, LG
Heroes:  Liam Gallagher
Describes self as: A laugh
Most Famous Sayings: It is what it is